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Tax Planning

Perhaps one of the most important steps in planning your retirement is determining your current and future tax liability and developing tax planning strategies that can help minimize your taxes in retirement. Taxes can have a large impact on the amount of wealth you will be able to transfer to loved ones. We will help tailor your retirement plan to utilize both tax advantaged and taxable products to help maximize your wealth for generations to come.

tax planning

Through our strategic alliance with Case Central, LLC, we can help optimize your tax strategy to improve your retirement plan. Case Central is a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFPs®) that partners with local certified public accountants (CPAs) and Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFAs) to provide you with comprehensive financial reports and analysis.

Case Central offers three tax strategy reports that help you minimize your tax burden and build a foundation of tax reduction strategies, which can result in years of tax savings. Whether you are focused on converting your individual retirement account (IRA) to a Roth IRA or looking for ways to lower your tax bill, we believe Case Central can present you with a variety of options that can benefit your retirement planning needs and goals.

We can also work in concert with your personal tax professional to provide tax reduction strategies. If you are seeking advanced tax planning options, our firm also has access to unaffiliated third-party tax firms to help support your retirement needs.

Through these tax planning services, we strive to implement a sound and comprehensive strategy that minimizes year-to-year tax liabilities and provides the opportunity to maintain your current standard of living throughout retirement.

Protegro, Inc. and Wendy Pyne do not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional we will partner with local CPA firms to provide tax services.